Natural Hemp Trifold Wallet

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Wallet is made by using natural pure hemp yarns and fabric from the Himalayan regions of Nepal.  
Cannabis plants grow to a height of 20 ft. After harvesting them, villagers shred the leaves and soak the stems in water for up to 20 days. When they are tender the bark is separated from the rest of the plant, smoked above a fire and boiled in ash water. Thin strips are then removed from the bark by hand. 100% pure organic HEMP WALLET. 
  •  Handcrafted in Nepal under Fair Trade principles, so each one is unique inside.
  •  There are two main compartments 1 zipped and other non zipped.
  •  5 places to hold cards.
  • 1 zipped space available for holding coins and other valuable assets
Measurement:    approx. 5" tall x 10.5" wide when opened, 5"tall x 3.5" wide when closed. 

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