Frogsong Farm Rubbit™250 mg Full Spectrum CBD 1oz

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Frogsong Farm Rubbit™250 mg Full Spectrum CBD

Frogsong Farm Rubbit™250 is a soothing topical salve crafted with love using all-natural and organic ingredients.

  • 1oz has 250 mg Full Spectrum CBD
  • Grown in the USA using sustainable & all-natural practices.


Shea Nut Oil, Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Almond Oil, Beeswax, Full Spectrum CBD Oil, and proprietary blend of Essential Oils.

Generally, salves differ from most lotions and creams. Most lotions and creams are water-based. Most bacteria are dependent on water. Almost all water-based products require "preservatives" to help avoid bacterial growth. Because we strive to remain "natural" whenever possible, our salves are oil-based, anti-bacterial in their nature.

Caution: This salve can melt at higher temperatures. Please don't leave this in a hot car. Try to keep it stored at or below 75F.

Due to temperature and moisture changes during shipping and storage, you may find moisture beads on the top of your salve. These beads will disappear the first time you use it, or you can also leave the lid off of the jar in a dry setting and the moisture will evaporate over time.

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